Blue block contrast half moon necklace

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Blue enamel geometric necklace. Half moon enamel and copper contrast necklace. Semi circle block colour blue and copper necklace A Copper semi circle has been enamelled with blue enamel, the copper at the top of the semi circle has been polished and buffed up to reveal the warm red and oranges tones of the copper. The half moon hangs on a delicate 18" rose gold plated trace chain.


This delicate geometric semi circle will liven up any outfit with a pop of colour measures 20 x 30mm

Available in other colours and matching earrings.


NOTE: Due to the way in which the enamel is applied there will be colour variation and no one piece will be exactly the same, and may vary from the image shown. This makes each piece unique to you. I am more than happy to email you a photo of your item before I post if if this is a concern. The exposed copper may tarnish over time to restore the shine rub it with lemon juice or vinegar and rinse well with warm water.