White & gold 3 'bowl' enamel pendant

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A unique and beautiful 24ct gold foil and white pattern enamel 3 disc Contemporary statement jewellery. Large patterned enamel circular disc pendant on a 18" sterling silver 925 curb chain. The pendant measures approximately 40mm. A copper disc was domed to form a little 'bowl’ to form a pendant. Soft White was sifted into the “bowl” and fired at 90 degrees in the kiln. The pendant was enamelled numerous unique patterns have been created where the enamels have melted, flowed and cooled. The back of the pendant has been enamelled in black for strength and your comfort.

A statement piece for your jewellery collection or a gift for someone special.

If you would like to add another colour please contact me to discuss options and size. 

The pendant measures approximately 40mm in length and 16mm in width.


NOTE: Due to the way in which the enamel is applied there will be colour variation and no one piece will be exactly the same, and may vary from the image shown. This makes each piece unique to you. I am more than happy to email you a photo of your item before I post if if this is a concern.