My story

I’m a jewellery designer and maker who studied at Bristol School of Art.   Nature and simple forms influence my jewellery, I use the techniques and the process of enamelling and silversmithing to produce unique and colourful jewellery pieces.

Often, the design process starts with an idea followed by a rough sketch, but usually most of the designing is done on the work bench - I’m happy to let the pieces develop in the experimental making process.

My latest collection "Ripple"  was inspired by my love of  swimming in open waters whether its the sea, lakes or rivers.  Ripples reminiscent of water on a sunny day have been created on copper by hammering a texture into the metal.  Turquoise, blue, green and gold vitreous enamel are kiln fired numerous times to achieve the depth and variation of colour.  A touch of 24ct gold foil has been added to give it a special glow and feel of the sun reflecting on the water.  In some designs a beautiful cultured pearl has been used - a special gift from the sea.

The  ’Exposure’ collection was inspired by a trip to Berlin.  It represents the unfolding stories of surfaces over time through urban decay, peeling layers of paint, wallpaper and faded marks.   The  process of enamel allows me to build up layers of enamel and colours to represent this.

My very first collection, ‘Hedgerow’ is based on the flowers and wildlife  found on roadside verges.  This has become a bit of a classic, and remains popular.

Simple shapes and bold colours form the basis of the ‘Contrast Block colour’ collection.  The strong geometric shapes make it a striking piece of jewellery and the exposed copper gives it a warm glow.

My ‘expansion’ range has  allowed me to explore the spontaneity and experimental nature of enamel.  Layers of enamel were built up with varying melting points.  Once heated this allows for the flow of enamels giving each piece a unique sense of movement.